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What is Broward Hub All About?

BrowardHub.com provides financing to small businesses (real estate and web based businesses) and owns and operates a group of web sites dedicated to helping consumers connect with businesses in Broward County, Florida.

The main site of BrowardHub.com serves as the connecting site (or “hub”) to a growing series of industry-specific web sites (the “spokes”) serving the local real estate and legal industries. Each spoke is filled with information and tools to help customers and clients find Broward businesses that best serve their needs.

Investing In You in Broward County and All of South Florida

Based upon our years of running and managing a variety of Broward County businesses, we provide investments and strategic partnership and counseling related to:

Hard Money Real Estate Investing

Small Business Equity Investing

Angel Investing - Internet Start-Ups


Our Values

There cannot be integrity without a system of values to strive to meet, and at BrowardHub we are committed to the following:

· Excellence

· Honesty

· The Power of Community


Broward Hub is Local Search Made Easy!