Welcome to Broward Hub!We’re here to help customers and clients connect with companies and businesses in the beautiful, sunny communities of Broward County, Florida.Whether it’s someone surfing for a lawyer, looking for a real estate agent, or researching to buy or sell a house, Broward Hub offers a multitude of services designed to facilitate that search.

Florida’s One Stop Shop for Broward County

Broward Hub is a different kind of online hub.Unlike bigger business listing sites, we’re here to provide convenient and efficient service for all things pertaining to Broward County, to provide updated information and news regarding Broward dealings, including real estate sales and rentals, and to create the opportunity for Floridians to discover and investigate businesses and companies in the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida that best meet their needs.

Unlike other online hubs, Broward Hub is dedicated to serving a specific locale: the people and businesses of Broward County, the 18th most populated county in the United States and one of the three counties that make up the South Florida Metropolitan Area (the other two are Miami-Dade and Palm Beach).

BrowardHub also offers the only online business hub that includes information for neighborhoods and communities located within Broward’s cities, towns, and villages.

Use Broward Hub to find the closest lawyers, doctors, plumbers, accountants,nursing homes for a particular subdivision, settlement, or local community – like Harbor Village, Plantation Park, or Emerald Hills .

The Mission of Broward Hub

Our mission is to be the leading online guide for Broward County, Florida, providing information and tools geared with the consumer in mind. Broward Hub is organized into categories, divided into specific industries, and chocked full of quality information all dedicated to help consumers find and connect with successful and responsible Broward businesses dedicated to serving their needs.

Broward Hub is Local Search Made Easy!